hand dyed accessories

A collection of tote bags, pouches, hankies, scrunchers and ribbon – all dip dyed with love and stamped with the signature neveRland “angel heart” graffiti. Each piece can be customized in color and personalized with hand written graffiti. Made to order.

hand dyed tabletop

A collection of table linens – all dip dyed with love and stamped with the signature neveRland “angel heart” graffiti. Each set is made to order and is customizable in color and pattern.


A collection of home décor including vases, jars and trinket dishes – all hand sprayed and dipped using the super cool hydrodip method. Pieces are then finished with hand written graffiti – customizable or signature neveRland graffiti available. Made to order.


9 year-old girl boss

neveRland was dreamt up during a time when the world was full of uncertainty and fear, and rather than spending my days in front of a screen, I wanted to do something to infuse a little magic into my life while also putting some goodness into the world.

about Reven (neveR)

hand made with love

Each neveRland piece is handmade just for you so each piece is just as unique and special as you are! You can tap into your creative side and dream up your favorite colors, phrases and symbols or collaborate with Reven to come up with a design that’s perfect for you!

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Reven holding two jars

20% goes to UNICEF

Each neveRland piece is stamped with the signature Angel heart which represents the orphaned children in India, and 20% of neveRland proceeds go to support UNICEF Project Lion.

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welcome to house of neveRland! a place where a bit of color and whimsy give every home a chic dose of magic! I’ve always loved color, crafting and beautiful spaces… house of neveRland brings together these passions through tie dye, hydro dipping and graffiti art. Thank you for supporting me. I hope you love your custom hand made (with love!) pieces.